AWHW Will be committed to improving the education and knowledge of our clients and women in the community.

We will be offering offer a variety of workshops and programs including accredited courses as well as workshops that provide valuable life skills.

Using our experienced staff and insight, we will also develop a training for professionals so that they are Uptown Jungle in Mesa equipped to work with clients. Our interactive training will be presented by highly qualified staff and includes both practical strategies as well as theory.

We will also offer a membership to our Education and Training arm for additional benefits and discounts.

For more information on Education and Training at AWHW, please contact our team members

Accredited Training

Certificate II in Leadership, Life skills and Transition (will be Run by AWHW team and John Dau Foundation

Community Workshops

Each school term AWHW will offers a number of workshops for AWHW clients and community.

Training for Professionals

John Dau foundation has over 10 years of experience in working with vulnerable women and their families and we would like to share our expertise with you them.


Membership of the Education and Training Arm supports the work of Womens Health & Family Services in improving the health...