Our mission statement as Ayual Women Health and wellness foundation is to save mothers and children who die during pregnancy.

Womens Health & Wellbeing is a not for profit organisation which will be open to all women in Twic Areas and in Jonglei State South Sudan, with consideration made for the unique needs of Women health’s need and their children


Ayual Womens Health & wellbeing was founded by women of Ayual community in America and Australia to provide healthcare assistant women back at home in South Sudan.


Ayual Women's Health & Wellbeing is a client-centered service that seeks to improve the health & wellbeing of women, their children, their families & communities.


To be recognised as a leader in health and well being, ensuring women, their families and their community have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We specially want to lessen the pain mothers have.

Forced marriage and child marriages are very common for women in South Sudan and affect most women in the area. Child marriages are often used as a way for families to recover lost economic resources. Because a woman's family receives a dowry from the husband of their daughter, parents are interested in having their daughters married off at a very early age to whoever offers the most.

This dowry is also the reason for why so few women get divorced in South Sudan. If there is a divorce, the family of the wife has to repay the family of the husband the dowry that was originally given for the marriage. Another reason for marrying daughters young is the fear of pregnancy out of wedlock. This causes dishonor for the family and as a result the hope is to marry a daughter before she has this chance. While there are law that prevent child marriages, the government does little to enforce them, so people often do not abide by them.


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